Q. Who created the StarterSuccess applications?

A. The StarterSuccess suite of applications is one of the first complete online office suites designed specifically for small businesses. The applications were developed and are wholly owned by Lodestar Technology Labs LLC, a privately held company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Lodestar Labs is dedicated to providing advanced technological solutions tailored to the unique software needs of small businesses with fewer than 50 employees. With that idea in mind, our primary mission is to design software and applications that focus on accessibility and efficiency and which offer cross-platform, multi-user access to the applications in a centralized online environment.

Q. What types of businesses are the applications designed for?

A.  The applications can be used by any size business at any stage in their lifecycle. However, when we designed and developed the applications, we placed a great deal of emphasis on addressing the financial and functional needs of smaller, early-stage businesses – typically with less than 50 employees. This is because our experience showed us that businesses of this size have a need for tools that are simpler to use and more cost-effective to purchase than most “out of the box” solutions available on the market today.

Q. What areas of my business do the applications provide solutions for?
A. The StarterSuccess suite consists of applications that focus on providing small businesses with assistance in several key areas, including, Sales, Marketing, Business Planning, Human Resources Management, Customer Service, Web Development, Corporate Governance and Risk Identification and Management.

Q.  I’m just starting out and my business only has a small number of customers. Are these applications a good fit for me?

A.  The StarterSuccess applications were designed specifically with small businesses in mind and in addition to being available for individual purchase, have also been organized into “value bundles”. The bundles have been created in such a way as to be valuable to businesses at different stages in their lifecycle:

The StarterEssentials bundle was designed with new or early stage businesses in mind. It gives these types of businesses access to applications that provide invaluable assistance in the following areas:

  • Website building and web marketing
  • Business planning
  • Corporate minute management
  • Business risk assessment
  • Small business consulting

The StarterPlus bundle was designed to be a fit for companies that are a little more established and actively adding customers. This bundle includes the following applications:

  • All the applications in the StarterEssentials bundle
  • StarterSuccess Contact Management
  • StarterSuccess Marketing Communications
  • StarterSuccess Customer Service

The StarterComplete bundle was designed for companies that have been in business for a time and are actively looking for solutions to better manage their business or streamline their operations. This bundle includes:

  • All the applications in the StarterPlus bundle
  • Employee data management application
  • HR Communications application
  • HR Consulting application 

All of these bundles give you tools that you can use to more effectively manage your business. By using the applications you’ll be able to spend less time managing your business and more time growing your business.

Q. Are the StarterSuccess applications comprised of software I have to download or are the applications web-based?

A. All but one of the applications are web-based meaning you can manage your business from anywhere you have access to a computer with an internet connection. Being web-based also means that you never have to worry about having the latest version of the applications – upgrades and fixes are implemented on our host servers where the applications reside, and are thus made available to all user simultaneously.

Q.  As the applications are web-based, which browsers are supported?

A.  The StarterSuccess suite of applications is compatible with the latest versions of most popular internet browsers including Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Q. Do I have to buy all of the applications or can I purchase subscriptions to individual applications?

A.  The entire suite of applications is available for purchase as a complete package. However, you can also choose to purchase one of our “value bundles” or purchase individual applications via the www.startersuccess.com website.

Q.  What does it cost to purchase StarterSuccess?

A.  StarterSuccess has both monthly and annual subscriptions available for purchase. Information on subscription costs for both the entire suite and individual applications can be viewed by clicking on the “Pricing” link on the StarterSuccess home page.

Q. Do you offer a free-trial so I can try using the applications before I buy?

Yes! We give subscribers the opportunity to try the applications risk-free for 30 days. For more information and to sign up for the free trial, click on the “Free Trial” link located on the StarterSuccess home page.

Q. What happens to my data after the free-trial is over?

A.  Your data will continue to be stored on our secure servers so that it will still be available to you should you choose to purchase a subscription after your free trial has ended.

Q.  How do I get started using the applications?

A.  After you’ve completed the subscription process, you’ll receive an email containing your username and password along with a log-in link.  Once logged-in, you’ll be taken to the main application dashboard. To get started, simply select the appropriate application listed on the left side of your dashboard.

Q.  Can I feel comfortable that all of my customer and prospect information is secure?

A.  Absolutely! The data you enter in the applications is stored on servers located at the Lodestar Technology Labs secure virtual data center. 

Q.  When I subscribe, is the information I provide about my company stored securely?

A.  Most definitely! We take data security very seriously and take every step possible to ensure that all of your subscription information is stored in a safe and secure environment.

Q.  I have several employees that need access to the applications. Can I purchase licenses for additional users?

A.  When you purchase a subscription to either an individual application or the entire suite of applications, you’ll receive 2 user licenses at no additional charge. During the checkout process, you’ll be given the opportunity to purchase licenses for additional users.

Q.  Can I establish different users for each of the different applications?

A.  Yes. You can control user access to individual applications through the account management section of the StarterSuccess application site.

Q.  Where can I go if I have questions or need additional help?

A.  If you have questions about how to use the StarterSuccess applications, please click on the “Support” tab located within each application.