Streamline Your HR Department – Manage All Critical Employee Data in One Secure Location

The employee data manager offers small businesses an easy and convenient way to manage and organize important employee and company human resources data. Now you can trade-in those oversize file cabinets for a sleek, desktop application that not frees up office space and lets you manage your entire staff from the comfort of your office chair.

Key Features:
  • Manage and store all human resources data in a single, secure location.
  • Control costs by facilitating collaboration between managers
  • Reduce the need to hire additional HR staff
  • Save time by simplifying HR processes
  • Improve security by restricting access to specific data

Employee Review Applet

Complete employee reviews in under 15 minutes! Conducting regularly scheduled and thorough assessments is a critical step to improving employee performance. The Employee Review applet is designed to simplify and guide the employee review process so you can provide them with comprehensive feedback.

  • Use the simple scoring system to ensure consistent assessment across all of your employees
  • Start from scratch or use the extensive library of template text to write an assessment
  • Control the confidentiality of the assessment process by granting supervisors with limited read access to just the employees under their direction
  • Utilize the built-in disciplinary review template to provide feedback and create a record of an employee's behavior that adversely impacts your business.
  • Seamlessly integrates with the Employee Data Manager so you can keep a complete record and history of individual employee and company-wide performance reviews.

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